Pre-launch Survey

A prelaunch survey is being conducted to gain user's feedback in building a safe dating website?

Your input is valuable, important and anonymous!

Please complete ALL survey questions below:

  • Suggestions to make a safe dating experience?
  • Contact method: direct or proxy?
  • Would you like free carpool rides for the duration of the first date?
  • Wouldyou like first meeting in the backseat of the carpool vehicle?
  • Would you like the sign up process to be initiated in the backseat of the ride share vehicle where a real photo can be included using the driver-provided mobile device?
  • Minimum user data: real photo, nickname, sexual orientation and notification contact?
  • How would you like to be contacted for a date night?
  • Ideas for selecting potential dates?
  • Background checks?
  • Paid or Free access?
  • Anything else?